This project consists is a selection of queer objects. Pieces designed, purchased, inherited, created, appropriated or queered by their respective owners. This cuiratorial exercise discontinues the typical cataloguical representations of people from ‘the’ sexually diverse communities and queerness CUIR, which usually falls into the exoticization ZOOLOGICAL or romanticization SENSATIONALIZATION. We use these objects as a research vehicle to approach the umbrella QUEER from material culture and inquire its relation to the construction of identities.

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  • Machete IS QUEER BECAUSE “It makes me feel like a person –neither woman nor man– simply who I am. It gives me independence. ” GABRIELA MONTAÑO 33, SHE/HER, CAPRICORN, DEER gay vegan woman @_GABRIELA_MONTANO

  • Bert & Ernie from Kaws for Sesame Street ARE QUEER BECAUSE “Beto and Enrique had just come out of the closet 'officially'. Today they are like an amulet.” PAULO BERT and CÉSAR Enrique - 40 & 36, HE & HE boyfriends, husbands, gay men, confidants, lovers and very overwhelming #PCXIII. @paulorendain @cesarcaudillo

  • Gel IS QUEER BECAUSE “it represents my freedom of doing what I want with my body. I want to start working on some graphic pieces with it, as a catharsis. ” ALDO ÁLVAREZTOSTADO 31, HE/HIM, GEMINI cisgender man (bi?) sexual @alvareztostado

  • Lamp IS QUEER BECAUSE “I cannot separate my queerness from my practice. I thought of this as a system and not as an artifact. The field is the factory of this object. It offers a new look to the gourd.” FABIEN CAPPELLO 35, HE/HIM, ARIES cis-gender gay man trans-feminist @fabien.cappello

  • Encyclopedia IS QUEER BECAUSE “It taught me about my body and its attractions. It erased doubts. It helped me find myself. ” MOISÉS BAUTISTA 25, HE/HIM, CAPRICORN gay man @moydepapel

  • Tunic IS QUEER BECAUSE “I found myself in her. It has become my second skin. It was the first garment I used to empower myself as a trans person.” MARIAURA GAEL 29, SHE/HER, LEO trans, pansexual @mariauragael

  • Chain IS QUEER BECAUSE “I use it in my personal dance routine that consists of dancing in front of the mirror and in character. I feel super pimp and hot, like a gay rapper. ” ALEX MONTALVÁN 31, HE/HIM, ESE, LIBRA cis man, gay, almost always demi sexual @venadomalo

  • Shisha IS QUEER BECAUSE "when I use it, I ponder my identity, I (re)think". MACARENA 26, HEM, TAURUS, ROOSTER bicurious gay cisgender man, obviously cuir @donolavarri

  • Necklace IS QUEER BECAUSE “it’s a vulva, but it isn’t a vulva, but it seems and maybe people do not see many vulvas to say yes or no”. ALICIA DELICIA 29, HER, GEMINI queer woman @alicia_deliciaaa

  • Swimsuit IS QUEER BECAUSE "it is usually used as a swimsuit and is also used for erotic purposes." RAMIRO ÁVILA 29, HEM, ELLE SCORPIO non-binary person with an expression charged towards the masculine, being attracted to men and non-binary people @foco_tonal

  • Anal lube IS QUEER BECAUSE “what happens between two people is political; Sexuality is political. It is not who we fuck with but how we do it. And the anus in heterosexual sex is still taboo.” LA DANIELA RAMÍREZ 27, HER, SCORPIO non-heterosexual gender cis woman @sinamigues

  • Tom of Finland IS QUEER BECAUSE "these erotic illustrations continue to provoke and instigate us to face our own desires and what can happen with them." DIEGO VILLANUEVA 33, HIM, LIBRA gay man @boyevillaplas

  • NEEEEEXT de Lila Dipp IS QUEER BECAUSE “it's a row of little shoes, waiting for their turn to stand up and do something and this, to get up and do something, I love it, it talks a lot about my internal closet”. CLEO 30, HER, CANCER womxn without tags @daniellemarche

  • The PEOR AÚN mask IS QUEER BECAUSE “its images have something strange that attract and repel me at simultaneously and something with this nature always arises questions, it doesn't go in a sinbgle direction”. PEOR AÚN 41, HE, AQUARIUS, FIRE SERPENT man, queer / non-binary, pangender @cobian_edgar

  • ‘Construction’ Ring by La Fier IS QUEER BECAUSE “I thought of it as a commitment to myself. I married me. I started to make myself a home.” TONY 31, HER, HIM, CANCER lesbian cisgender woman, queer, sapiosexual @internetcurious

  • Cardcaptor IS QUEER BECAUSE "even today there are illustrations, colors and characters in the comic that are still a source of new imaginations." FATHER KINO 26, HIM, PISCIS queer norteño / pansexual man @shiro_beta

  • Choker IS QUEER BECAUSE “It's something that I've formed my image with. It attracts attention and people ask stuff.” LAM 23, ELLE, HEM, ARIES joto queer @tbhonesto

  • French Curve IS QUEER BECAUSE “feminine and phallic, this curved object, small, beautiful; is an instrument that leads me to express myself in a true way. ” VIVIANA GUTIÉRREZ 24, ELLE, HEM, ESCORPIÓN cuir bisexual gender-fluid @vvillana

  • Flag IS QUEER BECAUSE “this flag helped me to be dissident and disruptive with myself, it represents to me that CUIR is the only way to do politics”. ANDRÉS TREVIÑO 25, HER, HIM, VIRGO gay cisgender man @andtrelun

  • Posh earings ARE QUEER BECAUSE “These reconcile the male and female binary. I identify with that duality." LA LUPE 22, HE, ELLE, SAGITTARIUS queer @akalalupe

  • Lotion and bergamot oil ARE QUEER BECAUSE in her research on the body, she found this treatment with which she is growing / leaving the mustache. LARISSA 25, HER, ELLE, SAGITTARIUS non-binary queer @peachpower

  • Brassiere IS QUEER BECAUSE “sometimes I wear the brassiere over my clothes. It is what people read the least and therefore it is more queer, more dissident.” CRIXTO 38, HE, SHE, LEO queer man @crixtoxalvador

  • Cowgirl IS QUEER BECAUSE “I usually like men's designs and women's –almost– never, but I wanted boots with heels. So I made them. ” MELONA 22, HER, SAGITTARIUS bisexual wumanz @melon_descontrolado

  • "Christianity, Social Tolerance and Homosexuality" by John Boswell IS QUEER BECAUSE "It helped me to generate one of my past personalities, I have it since 2005". PANDA 35, HIM, VIRGO, GEEK man, fluid, gay and modern @cyber_gusy

Others and a machete. a shisha. a ring. a necklace. a glass. a vulva. a choker. a story. a brassiere. some earrings. some drawings. a chain. a mask. stuffed toys. a drawing. a ring. products for mustache. a box with shoes. a flag. a french curve. a tunic. a boot and a lamp make up the temporary collection of intimacies with which we navigate the terrain of identity. Queerness, from the multiple and without official meanings refuses definitions and its forms of construction are liquid. We propose a study of the care and the construction of identity from objects, personal, known and unknown, visible and intangible. Out there objects are things. Things that respond to regulations. Binary gender. Patriarchy. Planned obsolescence. Here inside they are elements of the cuir. Things that question. Tools for liberation. Resistance utensils. Protest companions. Independence celebrators. These objects have changed us and have become instruments. weapons. tools. shelters. shields. reminders. oracles. they gave us ephemeral identities. temporary. fictitious. all of ours and those we are yet to know. We have stopped hiding. We are proud. Proud of having many shapes, many sizes, many colors, endless possibilities of being.

We oppose our objectification.TM
We are not a catalog.TM
We are machetes, earrings and mustaches.TM
We are not a zoo.TM
You are the frightened animals.TM
We are vases, drawings and tricks.TM
We are not a show.TM
Curiosity killed the cat.TM
We are masks, shishas and brassieres.TM
What is seen should not be asked?TM
It is to be seen.TM
We are not a month.TM
We are all year round.TM

We confront the cliché, the archetype and the myth, and we refuse the typical representations of persons (A) from ‘the’ diverse communities, (A1) with sexual diversities, and queerness LO CUIR, , that fall into exoticization ZOOLOGICAL or romanticization SENSACIONALIZATION. We use objects as a vehicle to research the QUEER umbrella from material culture and inquire its relation to the construction of identities. Objects can respond to social norms. Blue. Pink. Boy. Girl. Child. Girl. Men’s. Women’s. Planned Obsolescence. Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter. Next year. These objects pose questions. They are resistance utensils. Liberation tools. Treasures from battles. New ediffications. They searched for another place to be at. We approached the tradition of cabinets of curiosities, Henry Burbach’s pre-closet, Japanese MA japonés y el object journalism and object journalism to tell these objects’ stories from their reality, fiction and potential. We think Objectary 01: Queeriosities from Guadalajara as a space for the provocation of curiosity, the transformation of one-self, a pause, and the understanding of others.

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This curtain room is a collaboration between IDEALISMOS [Freelance Ideation Studio dirigido por Viviana Gutiérrez VVILLANA] and Tony Macarena TM. Curtains can hide, divide and block. On the contrary, we use them to show ourselves ENCUIRARNOS, with our place in front.

These beautiful photographs are Aureliano's take on the exhibition.

Objetario is a research path into queer objects that we started working on after being commissioned a story by COOLHUNTERMX. This exhibition is a continuation of this line of research. The stories can be consulted here.

Thanks to all the participants for accepting our invitation, answering our questions and sharing their objects and telling us their stories <3. Thanks to Diego Villanueva; Daniela Mercado CLEO; Viviana Gutierrez VVILLANA; Cecilia Palacios, Abigail Queznel and Rodrigo de Noriega from Coolhuntermx; Padre Kino MUSIC; Brenda García CURTAINS; Karina EMBROIDERY SYS; and the team from Zuno Café.

Exhibition #001 · official title: Objetario 01: Cuiriosidades Tapatías · space: front room of Zuno Café J.GUADALUPE ZUNO 1912, AMERICANA, GUADALAJARA, JALISCO, MÉXICO · dates: JUNE 27 – JULY 21 2019 in the ANTIcircuit of pride month · display design: Idealismos Studio · text editing: Tony LORENA CANALES · graphic design: Macarena ALEJANDRO OLÁVARRI 2019TM