Tired of innovation?
Tired of so much tradition?
Fed up of your objects?
Their same discourse? Their planned obsolescence?
Their limited imagination?

Objects ARTIFACTS, HANDCRAFTS, SOUVENIRS, DESIGNS, UTENSILS, THINGIES, STUFF, FURNITURES, SYMBOLS, INTERFACES, BOTS, ETC that take a swing at dominance CONTROL, SYSTEMS, HEGEMONY. Objects that bend reality, that are ephemeral, that come from fictionalized memories and un-instruct us. Objects that queer, decolonize, neo-speculate, that look for mystic cooperation and post-sensual exchanges ETC.

We are looking for objects that cause crisis in the aesthetic representations CURRENT AND SPECULATIVE of realities, fictions, theories, and practices NARRATIVE AND AESTHETIC through which individual and collective identities are formed. Let’s call them genderfluid, post-nation objectSX. These objectSX have multiple characters. Speculative. Esoteric. Conscious. Artificial. Natural. Radical. Curious. Diverse. Floaty. Temporary. Virtual. Eternal. Imaginary. Contradictory.

In a year that is giving us a taste of the apocalipstick, we want to find some meaning to our existence and that of otherness in the future. We are looking for othered objects that are not found near the binary logic of utopia and dystopia, but in othered cosmovisions. We are looking for objects that make othered futures possible.

The selected objects will be part of Tony Macarena’s first printed publication.

Allbodies. Everybodies. Professionals, students, semi-pro, amateurs, aficionados. Architects, designers, performers. Writers, philosophers, poets. Stage directors, urbanists, cooks, gardeners. Groups, collectives, or individuals.

This publication is understood as a collective proposal. This means that we will not offer fees, but will exchange 3 PRINTED COPIES for the selected content. If the book is sold in the future, the corresponding fees shall be awarded to you.

SEND your proposal to with the title OTHERED OBJECTS.

FORMATS to be accepted: pdf, audio, image(e), text, video, or any other relevant ones.

INCLUDE credits such as: title(s), creatorx(s), material(xs), date(s), bio(s)

ESPANGLISH is what we read best, but we will procure othered languages.

JUNE 17th 2020: last day to send proposals (11:59 pm Mexico City CST)

JULY 2020: Selected proposals revealed

BEGINNING OF 2021: Publication launch.